• Module 1 - Foundation Building: Developing The Mindset To Achieve Massive Business Success
  • Module 2 - Successful Marketing Rules: The New Rules About Marketing & Running Your Home Improvement, Repair & Service Business In This Economy
  • Module 3 - Customer Attraction Systems: How To Stand Head And Shoulders Above Your Competitors While Attracting The Most Profitable Customers
  • Module 4 - Million Dollar Marketing Messages: Marketing Messages That Consistently Fill Your Home Improvement, Repair & Service Business With High Quality Leads And Eager Prospects
  • Module 5 - Online Marketing Systems: Using The Power Of The Internet To Increase Your Sales And Profits
  • Module 6 - Loyalty Marketing Systems: How To Practically Guarantee That Your Customers Hire Your Company For Life!
  • Module 7 - Referral Marketing Systems: How To Generate Massive Sales And Profits By Getting Referrals From Your Customers & Local Businesses
  • Module 8 - Follow-Up Marketing Systems: How To Consistently Generate Massive Amounts of Leads, Sales And Profits From Your In-House Database
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