• Module 1 - Foundation Building: Developing The Mindset To Achieve Massive Success In Your Restaurant

    This module teaches you how to use the power of the internet, their website and social media to get more people to come to their restaurant.

  • Module 2 - New Age Marketing: The New Rules About Marketing Your Restaurant In This Economy
  • Module 3 - Attraction Marketing Strategy: Sales Messages That Magnetically Attract The Perfect Diners To Your Restaurant
  • Module 4 - Marketing Dollar Marketing Messages: How To Fill Every Table At Your Restaurant
  • Module 5 - Million Dollar Marketing Strategies: Marketing Systems To Fill The Tables In Your Restaurant
  • Module 6 - Menu Marketing Mastery: Increasing Your Profits & Sales By Improving Your Menu
  • Module 7 - Strategic Marketing Alliances & Referral Generating Strategies: Explosive Profit Growth Through Marketing Partnerships
  • Module 8 - Server Profit Boosters: Strategies To Increase Profits By Motivating Your Wait Staff
  • Module 9: Catering Goldmine: How To Setup An Instant Profit Center In Your Restaurant
  • Module 10: Website & Internet Marketing Strategy: Using The Power Of The Internet To Fill The Tables At Your Restaurant
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